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State Resources

For a more comprehensive collection of individual state resource links, visit the Georgetown Law Library's Research Guides by Jurisdiction.



Session Laws

Court Rules

Administrative Code & Register

Alabama The Code of Alabama Alabama Legislative Information System  

Alabama Administrative Code (Unofficial)

Alabama Administrative Monthly

Alaska Alaska State Legislature Infobase Alaska State Legislature Infobase Alaska Court System

Alaska State Legislature Infobase

Alaska Administrative Journal

Arizona Arizona Revised Statutes Arizona State Legislature Sessions Arizona Court Rules Forum

Arizona Administrative Code

Arizona Administrative Register


Arkansas Code (Searchable)

Arkansas Code (.pdf)

Arkansas State Legislature Acts and Bills Arkansas Court Rules & Administrative Orders

Arkansas Administrative Rules

Arkansas Register

California California Law California Chaptered Bills (1993-) California Rules of Court

California Code of Regulations

California Regulatory Notice Register

Colorado Michie's Legal Resources-Colorado Colorado General Assembly Prior Session Information (1997-) Michie's Legal Resources-Colorado

Code of Colorado Regulations

Colorado Register

Connecticut General Statutes of Connecticut   Connecticut Practice Book  
Delaware Online Delaware Code   Delaware Court Rules Delaware Regulations
Florida Florida Statutes & Constitution Laws of Florida (1997-) Florida Rules of Procedure Florida Administrative Weekly & Code
Georgia Georgia Code (Lexis-Nexis public access)   Rules of the Supreme Court of Georgia Rules & Regulations of the State of Georgia



Session Laws

Court Rules

Administrative Code & Register

Hawai'i Hawai'i Revised Statutes   Hawai'i Rules of Court Hawai'i Administrative Rules
Idaho Idaho Statutes Idaho State Legislature Prior Sessions (1998-) Idaho Court Rules Idaho Administrative Rules
Illinois Illinois Compiled States Illinois Previous General Assemblies Illinois Supreme Court Rules

Illinois Administrative Code

Administrative Code Indexes & Register

Indiana Indiana Law & Administrative Rules Indiana Law & Administrative Rules Indiana Rules of Court

Indiana Administrative Code

Indiana Register

Iowa Iowa Code Iowa Acts (1993-) Iowa Court Rules and Forms

Iowa Administrative Code

Iowa Administrative Bulletins

Kansas Kansas Statutes Kansas Session Laws (1996-) Kansas Court Rules and Forms

Kansas Administrative Regulations

Kansas Register

Kentucky Kentucky Revised Statutes (Unofficial) Kentucky Legislation & Legislative Record   Kentucky Administrative Regulations & Administrative Register of Kentucky
Louisiana Louisiana Laws Louisiana Legislature Session Info (1997-) Louisiana Court Rules

Louisiana Administrative Code

Louisiana Register

Maine Maine Revised Statutes Laws of the State of Maine (1997-) Maine Court Rules

Code of Maine Rules

Maine Weekly Rule-Making Notices

Maryland Michie's Legal Resources-Maryland Archives of Maryland, Session Laws (1634-) Michie's Legal Resources-Maryland Rules

Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR)

Maryland Register Online



Session Laws

Court Rules

Administrative Code & Register

Massachusetts General Laws of Massachusetts (Unofficial) Massachusetts Acts & Resolves (1692-) Massachusetts Rules of Court Code of Massachusetts Regulations
Michigan Michigan Compiled Laws (MCL) Michigan Public Acts (1998-) Michigan Court Rules

Michigan Administrative Code

Michigan Register

Minnesota Minnesota Statutes, Laws & Rules Minnesota Statutes, Laws & Rules Minnesota Court Rules Minnesota Statutes, Laws & Rules
Mississippi Michie's Legal Resources-Mississippi   Mississippi Rules of Court Mississippi Administrative Procedures
Missouri Missouri Revised Statutes   Missouri's Supreme Court Rules

Missouri Code of State Regulations

Missouri Register

Montana Montana Code Annotated Montana Past Sessions Montana Court Rules Administrative Rules of Montana & Montana Administrative Register
Nebraksa Nebraska Revised Statutes  

Nebraska Supreme Court Rules

Nebraska Local Rules

Nebraska Rules & Regulations
Nevada Nevada Law Library Nevada Law Library Nevada Law Library Nevada Law Library
New Hampshire New Hampshire Revised Statutes Online   New Hampshire Court Rules

New Hampshire Agency Administrative Rules

New Hampshire Rulemaking Register

New Jersey New Jersey Permanent Statutes New Jersey Chapter Laws (1996-) Rules Governing the Court of the State of New Jersey Michie's Legal Resources-New Jersey



Session Laws

Court Rules

Administrative Code & Register

New Mexico New Mexico Statutes and Court Rules Unannotated   New Mexico Statutes and Court Rules Unannotated

New Mexico Administrative Code

New Mexico Register

New York Laws of New York   New York Uniform Rules

New York Codes, Rules, & Regulations

New York State Register

North Carolina North Carolina General Statutes North Carolina Session Laws North Carolina Court Rules

North Carolina Administrative Code

North Carolina Register

North Dakota North Dakota Century Code North Dakota Legislative Assembly (1995-) North Dakota Supreme Court Rules North Dakota Administrative Code
Ohio Ohio Laws and Rules Ohio Acts (1997-) Ohio Rules of Court

Ohio Laws and Rules

Register of Ohio

Oklahoma Oklahoma Statutes Citationized Oklahoma Session Laws (1998-) Oklahoma Court Rules Oklahoma Administrative Code & Register
Oregon Oregon Revised Statutes Oregon Bills and Laws Oregon Court Rules

Oregon Administrative Rules

Oregon Bulletin

Pennsylvania Purdon's Pennsylvania Statutes from West (Unofficial) Pennsylvania Session Laws Pennsylvania Local Court Rules

Pennsylvania Code

Pennsylvania Bulletin

Rhode Island State of Rhode Island General Laws Rhode Island Legislative Information Judiciary of Rhode Island Rhode Island Rules & Regulations Database
South Carolina South Carolina Code of Laws South Carolina Act/Law Archives South Carolina Court Register South Carolina Code of Regulations



Session Laws

Court Rules

Administrative Code & Register

South Dakota South Dakota Codified Laws South Dakota Session Laws (1997-) South Dakota Supreme Court Rules South Dakota Administrative Rules
Tennessee Michie's Legal Resources-Tennessee Tennessee Acts & Resolutions (1997-) Tennessee Court Rules

Tennessee Rules & Regulations

Tennessee Administrative Register

Texas Texas Constitution and Statutes Texas Legislative Reference Library The Supreme Court of Texas Rules & Standards

Texas Administrative Code

Texas Register

Utah Utah Code - Statutes & Constitution   Utah State Court Rules

Utah Administrative Code

Utah State Bulletin

Vermont Vermont Statutes Online Vermont Legislative Documents Michie's Legal Resources-Vermont Vermont Notice of Rulemaking
Virginia Code of Virginia   Rules of the Supreme Court of Virginia

Virginia Administrative Code

Virginia Register of Regulations

Washington Revised Code of Washington Washington State Legislature Bill Information Washington State Court Rules

Washington Administrative Code

Washington State Register

West Virginia West Virginia Code West Virginia Legislature Bill Status West Virginia Court Rules & Forms

West Virginia Code of State Rules

West Virginia State Register

Wisconsin Updated Wisconsin Statues & Annotations Wisconsin Legislative Documents Search Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Wisconsin Administrative Code & Register
Wyoming Wyoming Statutes Wyoming Session Information Archives Wyoming Court Rules Wyoming Rules & Regulations

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