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Research Guide: Practice Materials: Home

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General: Go to the Lexis Legal Homepage/Directory. Click on the Secondary Legal link. Click on the desired material. ("Matthew Bender" refers to a brand of leading practitioner treatises.)

Minnesota: Go to the Lexis Legal Homepage/Directory. Click on States Legal - U.S. Click on MN.  Click on Search Analysis and CLE Materials.

Practice Center tools: Go to the Lexis Legal homepage. Look in the Litigation and Transactional Sources section. Click on More Transactional Practice Centers to review tools for practice materials.

Total Litigator tool: Go to the Lexis Legal homepage. Look in the Litigation and Transactional Sources section. Click on Total Litigator.


General: Go to the Westlaw directory. Click on Treatises, CLEs, and Other Practice Materials.

Minnesota: Go to the Westlaw directory.  Click on U.S. State Materials.  Click on Minnesota. Click on Forms, Treatises, CLEs, and Other Practice Materials

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Representing clients effectively requires practical insights and tools well beyond law school casebooks, law review articles, and theoretical discussions.  Collectively, practice materials help guide you through the litigation or transaction process from the initial client meeting to the final settlement or last aftermath.  Practice materials help you address inevitable questions such as, "Is this a good case to take?  What is it worth?  What obstacles could block this transaction? What strategies do experienced attorneys consider in these circumstances? What's the current black letter law on this issue in my jurisdiction? What do I do now?"  Chances are that you will not have an experienced colleague holding your hand every step of the way in every client matter; well-chosen practice materials are the next best thing.

Minnesota Practice Series

The Minnesota Practice Series is a voluminous set of titles written by practitioners and experienced law professors.  Each title focuses on a particular practice area as practiced in Minnesota.  Find the complete series on Reserve in the Hamline Law Library or in Westlaw datafile MNPRAC (where you can search or use links in the complete Table of Contents).

Administrative Practice and Procedure (v. 21)
Appellate Rules Annotated (v. 3)
Business Law Deskbook (v. 20, 20A)
Business Regulation in Minnesota - Federal (forthcoming)
Business Regulation in Minnesota - State (forthcoming)
Civil Practice Forms (v. 15, 16)
Civil Rules Annotated (v. 1, 1A, 2, 2A)
Collections Handbook (v. 26)
Corporation Law and Practice (v. 18, 19)
Courtroom Handbook of Minnesota Evidence (v. 11A)
Criminal Law and Procedure (v. 7, 8, 9, 9A)
Elements of an Action (v. 28)
Employment Law and Practice (v. 17)
Evidence (v. 11)
Family Law (v. 14)
General Rules of Practice Annotated (v. 3A)
Insurance Law and Practice (v. 22)
Insurance Statutes (v. 22A)
Juvenile Law and Practice (v. 12, 13)
Methods of Practice: Civil Advocacy (v. 5)
Methods of Practice (v. 5A, 6, 6A)
Minnesota DWI Handbook (v. 31)
Minnesota Employment Laws (v. 17A)
Minnesota Jury Instruction Guides: Civil (CIVJIG) (v. 4, 4A)
Minnesota Jury Instruction Companion Handbook: Civil (v. 4B)
Minnesota Jury Instruction Guides: Criminal (CRIMJIG) (v. 10, 10A)
Minnesota Motions in Limine (v. 29)
Minnesota Probate Deskbook (v. 24)
Minnesota Real Estate Laws (v. 25A, 25B)
Products Liability Law (v. 27)
Real Estate Law (v. 25)
Summary Judgment and Related Termination Motions (v. 30)
Trial Handbook for Minnesota Lawyers (v. 23)
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Reference Librarian

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