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Research Guide: Practice Forms: Home


General: Go to the Lexis Legal Homepage/Directory. Click on Forms & Agreements (listed under the Secondary Legal link).

Minnesota: Go to the Lexis Legal Homepage/Directory. Click on States Legal - U.S. Click on MN.  Click on Search Forms and Drafting Instructions.

Practice Center tools: Go to the Lexis Legal homepage. Look in the Litigation and Transactional Sources section. Click on More Transactional Practice Centers to review options for transactional forms.

Total Litigator tools for forms: Go to the Lexis Legal homepage. Look in the Litigation and Transactional Sources section. Click on Total Litigator. Click on Draft, File & Serve.


General: Go to the Westlaw Directory, and click on the Forms link.  (You also can click on the Formfinder tab at the top of each Westlaw screen; however, this option leads to a less transparent interface.)

Minnesota: Go to the Westlaw Directory, click on the Forms link, click on State Specific Forms, and click on MN Forms.


Attorneys spend much of their time producing documents to further transactions or litigation.  Documents range from an intellectual property license agreement, to a civil rights complaint under section 1983, to an employment agreement with restrictive covenants, to jury instructions in a complex securities fraud case, to a fee-splitting agreement with co-counsel.  Time cannot be spent reinventing the wheel each time a document is needed, so attorneys typically begin the drafting process with a prewritten form matching as closely as possible both the specific task and the client interests at hand.  Reputable forms save time and effort, allow an attorney to benefit from experienced practitioners' collective wisdom, and reduce the risk of overlooking issues or omitting desirable clauses.  Of course, the attorney retains ultimate responsibility for providing competent representation by selecting forms judiciously and by adapting them completely to the client's ends.  No form is a substitute for your brain.

Minnesota Practice Series

The most popular source of forms for Minnesota attorneys probably is The Minnesota Practice Series.  The Series is a voluminous set of titles containing forms and commentary written by practitioners and experienced law professors.  Each title focuses on a particular practice area as practiced in Minnesota.  Find the complete series on Reserve in the Hamline Law Library or in Westlaw datafile MNPRAC (where you can search or use links in the complete Table of Contents).

Administrative Practice and Procedure (v. 21)
Appellate Rules Annotated (v. 3)
Business Law Deskbook (v. 20, 20A)
Business Regulation in Minnesota - Federal (forthcoming)
Business Regulation in Minnesota - State (forthcoming)
Civil Practice Forms (v. 15, 16)
Civil Rules Annotated (v. 1, 1A, 2, 2A)
Collections Handbook (v. 26)
Corporation Law and Practice (v. 18, 19)
Courtroom Handbook of Minnesota Evidence (v. 11A)
Criminal Law and Procedure (v. 7, 8, 9, 9A)
Elements of an Action (v. 28)
Employment Law and Practice (v. 17)
Evidence (v. 11)
Family Law (v. 14)
General Rules of Practice Annotated (v. 3A)
Insurance Law and Practice (v. 22)
Insurance Statutes (v. 22A)
Juvenile Law and Practice (v. 12, 13)
Methods of Practice: Civil Advocacy (v. 5)
Methods of Practice (v. 5A, 6, 6A)
Minnesota DWI Handbook (v. 31)
Minnesota Employment Laws (v. 17A)
Minnesota Jury Instruction Guides: Civil (CIVJIG) (v. 4, 4A)
Minnesota Jury Instruction Companion Handbook: Civil (v. 4B)
Minnesota Jury Instruction Guides: Criminal (CRIMJIG) (v. 10, 10A)
Minnesota Motions in Limine (v. 29)
Minnesota Probate Deskbook (v. 24)
Minnesota Real Estate Laws (v. 25A, 25B)
Products Liability Law (v. 27)
Real Estate Law (v. 25)
Summary Judgment and Related Termination Motions (v. 30)
Trial Handbook for Minnesota Lawyers (v. 23)
General Index

Nearby Form Stores

If the legal forms available on the Web or in the library do not meet your needs, you may consider purchasing forms. Located in Saint Paul, Miller/Davis Legal Forms is a major Minnesota supplier of legal and business forms.

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