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Research Guide: Labor and Employment Law: Databases

Labor and Employment Law

Benefits Practice Center (BNA) Law Access, Walk-In Access

This database includes the Employee Benefits Library (Compensation & Benefits Guide, Tax Management Portfolios, Cases, and other material), ERISA Compliance & Enforcement Library (Strategy Guide, Voluntary Compliance Summaries, Practice Aids, and other material), and Executive Compensation Library (Reference Guide, Portfolios, Journal Reports, Cases, and other material).

Employment ADR/Arbitration Research Guide and Bibliography Open Access

Employment Law Sources (Cornell Legal Information Institute) Open Access

This public-access site offers a well-organized collection of links to web sources relating to labor or employment law.

CCH Health and Human Resource Research Network Law Access, Walk-In Access

The CCH Health and Human Resource Research Network is part of CCH's platform called Intelliconnect. Intelliconnect provides access to laws, regulations and other primary source material in addition to explanations, treatises, and practice tools. Practice areas covered are Labor & Employment, Securities, Health Care, Corporate Governance, Tax and Accounting. You must create an account the first time you access the database. A Flash tutorial is available (Flash is required to use this site).

ILOLEX: database of International Labor Standards Open Access

ILOLEX contains some 80,000 documents form the International Labour Organization, including conventions, recommendations, comments, complaints, legislative interpretations, and ratification status, starting from 1919.  Search for any document by convention, kind of document, country, subject (occupation as well as aspect of employment), or date range.

Labor and Employment Law Library (BNA) Law Access, Walk-In Access

This database may be used off campus via the proxy server without a password. It includes primary materials, reference manuals, and commentary, such as Americans with Disabilities Cases (AD Cases), Fair Employment Practices Cases (FEP Cases), Individual Employment Rights Cases (IER Cases), Labor Arbitration Decisions (LA), Labor Relations - Court Decisions (LRRM), Labor Relations - NLRB Decisions (LRRM), and Wages and Hours Cases (WH Cases / WH Cases2d).

Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry Open Access

This site includes materials and labor standards, OSHA, apprenticeships, workers compensation, policy, research, and statistics.

National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Open Access

The NLRB provides a free public source of NLRB decisions and related court decisions, along with many other types of documents bearing on labor relations. The CiteNet outline provides a subject matter classification system and a topical index for procedural and legal issues contained in Board and related court decisions. The topical index uses an alphabetized word or term found in outline headings. The indexed database covers most Board decisions and contemporaneous Court decisions beginning in February 1992 (Board Volume 306). However, other compilations of decisions and materials found on the site date back to the 1980's.

This public gateway site offers numerous resources, including text of major laws and regulations as well as an employment law guide which summarizes requirements of various laws as they affect employers.

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